Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Labour Amendment on ABM-proposals

Breaking my promised rest from the blog to quickly post up the Labour Group Amendment (full text follows below) for tomorrow's crunch-meeting on the ABM-privatisation proposals ...

... the actual Council Report, that this Amendment refers to, can be found here.

As of this evening, it seems that no other political Group has actually yet fully decided (quite remarkably, given the seriousness of the subject) what they're going to do tomorrow?

Needless to say, any of them would be most welcome to support our position - which we've consistently pursued - that follows ...


City of Edinburgh Council
Labour Amendment

Full Council Meeting
27th October 2011

Item 8.1 – Alternative Business Models Review Programme

1. Council notes that of all the manifestos presented to the people of Edinburgh in the Council elections of 2007 only one specifically advocated the privatisation of Council services.

2. Council regrets that greater public consultation was not carried out on this issue and believes that entering into the proposed contract a mere six months before local government elections is anti democratic.

3. Council also notes, with serious concern, the now acknowledged, significant workforce reduction under this element of the ABM programme with public sector jobs being lost to the city.

4. Council considers that the risk to local services, and local accountability, are too great and the estimated level of savings are unlikely to outweigh the dis-benefits of the ABM approach.

5. Council therefore notes recommendation 9.1 (iv) but does not agree recommendations 9.1(i), 9.1(ii) or 9.1(iii).

6. Council finally notes that the Public Sector Comparator has been developed which has the potential to deliver significant improvements and savings to in-house service delivery.

7. Council thus agrees to focus attention and resources on the further development of the in-house Public Sector Comparison model to a conclusion, and proceed when fully finalised.

Proposed __________________________________

Seconded __________________________________


Frank Russell said...

Nice one Andrew

Andrew said...

Frank - thanks ...

... I am amazed at the truly last-minute high-wire act that's being played here by those who presently run the Council.

You'd think that nobody's actual livelihood was at stake :-(


Bob C said...

As you know Andrew we tried many times to drag the Council workforce into more efficient ways of working by the threat of retendering etc. Each time we backed down and I think the Labour Group motion is yet another example of that cowardice. We seem quite unable to change the practices which are ripping off the council taxpayers particularly in areas such as refuse collection.

Andrew said...


Thanks for the comment ...

... accept your viewpoint, but disagree I'm afraid. I just don't believe that outsourcing is the only way to bring about positive change and I don't think we pursued other options with sufficient vigour (if at all): such as much of the very impressive 'co-operative Council / mutualisation model' efforts of some Local Authorities down south.