Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Tram works

I'm quick enough to be critical of the tram project when things go wrong --- so think it only fair to make it clear that I personally believe the recommendation (reported in the local press today) to ensure the tram works continue throughout August is the right thing to do.

As someone who (many, many years ago!) used to work in a retail environment, I do know only too well just how dependant many retailers are on their Christmas trade. So, seems to me, the right thing to do to try and minimise any chance of a 'programme-overrun' into the Christmas trading period by working through the August Festival ...

... won't please everyone - but a clear decision needed to be taken one way or the other, and this is just the kind of Leadership, whose absence I've been somewhat critical of in the past, I do very much welcome.

More of the same please.

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