Thursday, May 07, 2009

10-years a Councillor

I know everybody was getting excited about the 10th anniversary of devolution yesterday - but, for me, today is actually the big day ;-)

You see --- the Local Government Count in 1999 didn't start until 11.30am on the morning of Friday 7th May 1999: and I was duly elected around about 2pm that afternoon!

So - right about now - I've been a Councillor for 10-years.

Far too many experiences have followed in those ten eventful years to list them all here - suffice to say, the last few years are on the blog and I have kept a paper diary throughout the whole period, so I do have a basic record of all the main events.

Most important point for me today though is pretty straightforward and simple: I'm still thoroughly enjoying being an elected Local Councillor and do feel my efforts are (in the main) helping out local constituents - sometimes its just not possible, but most of the time what we do as local Ward Members can (and does) make a difference.

So: here's to the next 10-years :-))