Saturday, February 07, 2009

What comes next?

Spent most of today at an 'Edinburgh Labour' education-policy conference ... my colleague, Ewan Aitken, kicked off these events after the last local elections; and I think this may have been the fourth in the last 18-months or so?

... anyhow, a very enjoyable few hours spent debating many aspects of the wider educational debate in Scotland - and although there were a few (well founded) gripes about the disappointment of the SNP Government in this policy area, I was greatly heartened by the general tone which was one of 'moving on' to what we will offer in our next set of manifestos (whether local or national).

Personally, I think that although the above may seem like a minor point - it is actually significant that (at last, in many ways!) the constant 'harking-back' to pre-May 2007 appears to be finally dissipating, and a renewed vigour about what comes next is now dominating internal discussions.

Not before time ...

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