Sunday, February 08, 2009

Scotland V Wales

Was lucky enough to get a couple of tickets for the Scotland V Wales match at Murrayfield earlier this afternoon ... not the best of games, it has to be said :-(

Atmosphere, as ever with a Welsh game at Murrayfield, was excellent but nothing seemed capable of lifting the Scots?

... still, managed to suitably drown our sorrows afterwards.


Not a Village in Westminster said...

Certainly was a tough game - the missed opportunity to score a try before half time really hurt. The team just lacks a cutting edge and gets punished for it - I think the problem is that Hadden picks too many Edinburgh players! =)

Anonymous said...

Always thought that Wales would win this year.

What did shock me this weekend was the news that Jacqui Smith had the temerity to say that her sister's house in London was her main residence and has been milking the taxpayer for thousands for years. The sleazy antics of some of your colleagues is getting beyond a joke dontchya fink?

Anonymous said...

Coming from an Oxford graduate I'm surprised that you are shocked, this sort of thing would have been in your social policy tutorials.

Andrew said...


Thanks for the comments - which have veered somewhat slightly 'off-topic' :-(