Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Full Council this Thursday

Full Council Meeting this coming Thursday - not the budget-setting meeting, which is next Thursday 10th February ...

... consequently, the agenda for this Thursday is fairly light: you can see the details here.

Main item of contention will undoubtedly be item 7.2 on that agenda - "The Final Report of the Joint Review of Independent Advocacy Services in Edinburgh", the full report on which you can access here.

Unless I'm missing something - despite this being 'carried-over' from the December 2010 Full Council Meeting, there appears to be no change in the Administration's stance from that which they took when the report was originally at Committee way back in early December 2010??

Which - in essence - means they appear prepared to plough ahead and put these advocacy services out to competitive tender ... it is repeating all of the same mistakes made during the 'Care and Support Services' tender process and I can see nothing but grief coming from it.

So much for lessons having been learned :-(

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