Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Tram report leak

Regular readers will remember that, earlier last year, Audit Scotland were asked (and eventually agreed) to look again at aspects of the Edinburgh Tram Project and to report thereof ...

... well, as per usual, appears that all-things tram-related have simply no prospect at all of staying confidential - Evening News had the first glimmer of spinning/leaking last week; and this morning the BBC Scotland website seems to have a further leak?

Not really that helpful to have the report coming out piecemeal - but, as I've said before, I generally welcome Audit Scotland looking at all of this again - last time the project was assessed by them (back in June 2007 ) the conclusions were pretty clear. Paragraph 14 sums up the position, whilst paragraph 15 warns of potential future dangers (see the top of page 4).

I look forward to reading the whole report (out tomorrow I believe?) to see how Audit Scotland assess just what has happened between then and now ...

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