Friday, August 20, 2010

Ward 16 candidates finalised

Eight candidates now confirmed for the by-election up at Liberton/Gilmerton taking place on the 9th September:
  • BROWN, MEV Independent
  • COOK, BILL Scottish Labour Party Candidate
  • FOX, COLIN Scottish Socialist Party
  • HUNT, PHILIP Pirate Party Scotland
  • KNOX, JOHN CHRISTOPHER Scottish Liberal Democrats
  • LEWIS, RICHARD Scottish National Party (SNP)
  • McCOLL, PETER Scottish Green Party
  • MURRAY, STEPHANIE Scottish Conservative and Unionist
Further details here and here.

Meant to mention that this lampost picture was taken yesterday when we were canvassing in the Ward: I don't think that chap is the Lib-Dem candidate any longer?

One can only hope they have some Knox posters to cover this up soon??

... mind you - not certain even that will help their likely vote ;-)


Gordon said...

If its any consolation a Lib Dem friend of mine told me yesterday that they were expecting to be thrashed.

Andrew said...


I do hope your friend is correct ;-)