Thursday, March 04, 2010

Too late ...

Bit of a justified stooshie in yesterday's local paper about some Council staff staying in an expensive hotel prior to an Awards Ceremony ... full story can be found here.

Well, I've noticed these pearls of wisdom were produced in response ...

... frankly, it's too late to "seriously consider not attending events like this" - there should already be in place (I doubt if there is, even yet?) a clear political instruction to the Chief Executive that all such spending is barred-forthwith.

Given the Lib-Dem/SNP Council is reducing funding across a huge range of services (despite getting a 1.76% increase in its own funding) then any profligacy, anywhere in the Council, is bound to be pounced on by the press.

Too late to complain now - and richly ironic to imply it's all the fault of Senior Officers taking decisions without reference to politicians ... Officers who are acting as if they run the Council!

I don't even think Councillor Dawe realises the truth that she speaks :-(

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