Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Take it or leave it ...

Back in late November last year, I mentioned the Joint Consultative Group meeting which I attended and specifically flagged up the woeful state of the relationship between the local Trade Unions and their political masters ...

... what I didn't specifically mention - as I always do try (believe it or not!) to retain a level of 'confidence' via this blog - was the fact that the Modernising Pay proposals were on the verge of being rejected and there was talk from the SNP/Lib-Dem Administration of moving to the 90-day notice period, whereby employees are ultimately given a choice to accept the changes to their conditions or face having their contract terminated and having to re-apply for the 'new' job on the 'new' conditions.

At that meeting, I specifically asked if any such move to the 90-day notice period would first go to a Council Committee for decision. I was given the categorical assurance that it would and both the Council Leader and Convener of Finance were in the room when that assurance was made - as were several local Union officials.

Well, I've just received this briefing note via the Council's e-mail system ... please do read it and you'll see that the 90-day notice period began YESTERDAY.

This decision has been nowhere near a Council Committee.

Very sadly, this is completely indicative of the way the current Administration run the city.

Even more sadly, my 24th November 2009 prediction of serious industrial 'trouble and strife' could well be about to come true :-(

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