Wednesday, January 06, 2010

PLEASE, please just shut up

Not again ...

SNP Holyrood government claiming everything is just fine whilst country suffers its worst winter for a generation;

Local SNP Councillor tells Edinburgh residents to stop moaning and clear their frozen pavements themselves;

First day of the 2010 UK General Election campaign does not go well for the Tories, or the man who would be their Prime Minister;

Two ex- Westminster Cabinet members decide to draw voters attention to all of the above points by calling for a UK Labour leadership ballot!

Most of us are slogging our guts out to ensure a fourth-term Labour Government ... a hard enough job in the current circumstances ... and frankly people like Hewitt and Hoon (and Clarke) should just bloody well shut up - PLEASE!


Jim said...

Fair comment really.

Andrew said...


Thanks for the comment - you Tories must be loving it :-(

Ah well - onwards and upwards!

... and thanks for checking the blog.