Monday, January 11, 2010

Promises, promises ...

Sorry - back to the weather situation again :-(

... I remain nothing but welcoming of the additional +350 staff now deployed onto snow-clearance duties, and was pleased to read the latest Members Briefing (out late this afternoon) which clearly indicates that not only is snow now being cleared with gusto, but also rubbish!

Said briefing makes an unequivocal promise that:

"Refuse collection has been reset and will start normal collection from today."

So imagine my dismay when I eventually got home this evening to find my own street's bins (and those on the main road nearby) still totally overflowing, with discarded Christmas trees still in abundance ... my street's collection day? --- you guessed it: Monday :-(

That briefing goes on to say:

"Members will be provided with a list of streets that we have been unable to collect from, and the reasons why, on a daily basis."

Well - nothing has arrived in my in-box (as of 8.30pm) but I look forward to hearing why refuse collection has not been 'reset to normal collections' for this bit of the town (and who knows where else!) as was clearly promised?

... and why-oh-why promise that everything will be fine, when blatantly for large sections of the city it simply is not?

I just despair.

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