Monday, December 07, 2009

That weird 25% rule

Remember that weird 25% rule which looks like it has saved a flawed tendering process from being nodded through Committee ...

... well today at the Education, Children and Families Committee - having learned their lesson about the importance of decent scrutiny? - the Nat/Lib Administration completely ignored Labour and Green concerns about a report on facilities at Community High Schools and refused my colleague Councillor Henderson's perfectly reasonable request to refer the report to December's Full Council Meeting on the 17th :-(

They can do this at the Education, Children and Families Committee because the presence of non-aligned (Church and Teacher representatives) means that Labour and Greens alone don't make up 25% of the Committee - this is the only Council Committee where that occurs.

Well - here's a prediction ... I'll be careful with my language ...there were some very clear terminological inexactitudes in that report approved today; Councillor Henderson politely pointed the issues out and was impolitely ignored; this will all come back to haunt the Administration and they'll be regretting (again) their inability to listen to reasonable requests for clarification and further information.

More to follow on this for sure.

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