Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Health and Social Care Committee

It's been a very busy 7-days, and I do have several draft posts to complete - so will try and keep my points brief ... and apologies to my regular readers who have been complaining about my lack of blogging activity :-(

Health and Social Care Committee this morning (Tuesday) - was substituting for my colleague Ewan Aitken. A couple of reports were referred to Full Council (coming up next Thursday, 17th December) ... one being the report at item 16 on the agenda, concerning Home Care Modernisation.

Key paragraph is 2.2 where it clearly states that the public/private split of care provision is to be moved towards 33%/66%, and the third of the 'market' for the public sector would be all those with 'complex needs'?

... needless to say, there is no analysis within the report about which type of provision consistently performs better in any client-surveys for levels of satisfaction? Strange that :-(

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