Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Serious questions now need answered

I'll undoubtedly post more about this whole saga in due course ...

... but needless to say - I am bound to point out that without significant public pressure, and some concerted action from the Opposition Group/s, then this whole process would have been approved way back at the Finance and Resources Committee on 27th October :-(

If ever a case was needed to show that the current 'political scrutiny structures' at the Council are simply not fit-for-purpose, then this is it.

Thank goodness for some old-fashioned student stunts, is all I can say!

Frankly, Councillor Paul Edie has some very serious questions to answer - just today in the local paper he is quoted thus:

"I have said all along that we have a good robust tendering process that has been cleared by the lawyers at every stage."


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