Thursday, December 03, 2009

Care and Support services tender update

Well, it was a pretty quick meeting this morning ... the Convener read out a pre-prepared statement announcing the independent investigation (as we thought) and then indicated that there would be no questions taken :-(

Reading out a pre-prepared statement I can accept - this whole process is in such a mess, it makes sense to be careful about what is now said by those in charge politically ... especially after his colleagues' words yesterday:

"I have said all along that we have a good robust tendering process that has been cleared by the lawyers at every stage."

But - why questions weren't allowed to the Officers in charge, I just don't understand? There are many immediate queries that it would have been good for clients and their carers to have had answers to - and many of them were in the room this morning.

But the whole process is now, in effect, on hold until Thursday 21st January 2010 whilst the investigation takes place.

We'll be doing everything in our power to ensure that whoever undertakes that investigation has all the relevant facts --- and some of them do not make pleasant reading.

And, in due course, those responsible for this whole affair must answer for their actions.

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