Thursday, December 17, 2009

No status quo here

Full Council went on until 10.45pm ... longest I've experienced in the near-11 years I've been a Councillor :-(

As I alluded to last Sunday, we did vote against all four proposed school closures (see item 8.1 on the agenda), as did the Greens and the Tories - didn't make a blind bit of difference at the end of the process sadly, as the Lord Provost simply used his casting-vote four times when the Full Council was evenly split on each occasion to close every one of the four schools: Burdiehouse, Drumbrae, Fort and Royston ...

... nothing strictly 'illegal' in doing this, but the political morality of so drastically moving against the status quo, by use of a casting-vote, must surely be on the minds of every Lib-Dem and SNP Councillor ... at least, I hope it is?

There will certainly be endless press coverage of these events - suffice to say for now, there are four communities in Edinburgh who are extremely angry and saddened by today's events :-((

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