Sunday, December 20, 2009

Glasgow weekend and angry e-mails

Been over in Glasgow for the weekend ... thus the paucity of blogging in the last few days ... much, much more snow on the West-coast than over here!

Needless to say, despite trying to have a quiet weekend away from all-things political, when wandering down the Great Western Road early Saturday evening who should I bump into but one of my fellow Edinburgh-bloggers!

There's just no escape possible ;-)

On a much more serious note, upon our return to Edinburgh my in-box is simply awash with a huge number of exceptionally angry e-mails from parents of children at the four schools which were summarily closed on the casting-vote of the Lord Provost last Thursday.

I do think the Council Administration may just have under-estimated what they've done ... its not just the closing of the schools, but the way the whole thing has been handled. The tone, and content, of the messages I've received seem to indicate that none of this will be forgotten for a very, very long time ...

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