Sunday, August 16, 2009

Tram decisions already taken??

I'll probably post more on trams in the next few days - once I've caught up on all the mail at the start of next week ...

... but, one thing that I thought I would quickly flag up is the completely preemptive (and not strictly true!) assumption that the City Council has already backed the latest moves in the ongoing tram saga??

The Full Council doesn't meet until Thursday 20th August, so how anyone can claim that the Council has already taken a decision on this (which the News Release certainly does!) is quite beyond me?

One has to assume that the SNP will vote against - Tories/Labour/ Greens: who knows yet what they will definitely do? So only 17 Lib-Dem votes (out of a total of 58) are 'guaranteed' to be backing the latest moves ...

... yet more spin over substance, with due-and-proper-process being seen as an annoying hurdle.

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