Sunday, August 16, 2009

Formal strike action from tomorrow

Appears that local ballot result has now been confirmed as leading to formal industrial action - which will commence tomorrow morning ...

... Council Administration seem to be claiming that nobody will notice? Another piece of hard, factual analysis??

I suspect hundreds of local authority employees and their families may just differ on the Administration's latest, rather bold assertion!


OETN said...

Ah, Andrew.

Don't say that the LibDem/SNP axis is getting more 1984 each day.

But the Link to the Cooncils page saying no one will notice the strike is not working as the page seems to have disappeared for some reason.

Any ideas where it may have gone, or had someone been tippling on the "cooking sherry" before they served up the item, and someone else thought it may have been a little too hot to taste.

Regards (ROFL)


Andrew said...


Don't worry - I've got a screenshot (a tactic I've now had to routinely resort to with the Council's web-pages!), which I'll post later if need be ...

... but, to be fair, it does appear the WHOLE web-site is down, so maybe that explains it?

... or maybe just a severe solution to solving their communication problems ;-)


Anonymous said...

In the interests of openness;


Administrative Contact:
Cross, Andrew
23 Buckstone Dell
Edinburgh, Lothian EH10 6PG
01312081952 Fax: 08701344693