Saturday, March 07, 2009

Back from St. Andrews/Dundee

Back (extremely late) from the couple of days up in St. Andrews and Dundee to an extremely wet Edinburgh!

Highlights of the two events:

In St. Andrews - the 'COSLA Excellence Awards' were ... well ... really excellent. Great to see front-line workers being recognised for their efforts - and so obviously enjoying the moment.

Well done them all.

In Dundee - no doubt about it ... Iain Gray's speech. Bias admitted, I thought it was simply a triumph ... delivering your first conference address as Leader must be a daunting experience, and I thought Iain coped admirably and delivered a deeply thoughtful and, at the same time, inspiring speech. Well done him.

I now sense a quiet Sunday on the immediate horizon!


Anonymous said...

Saw you on TV listening to the speech. Never noticed that you had your iPod on?

Did we really listen to the same speech?

Andrew said...


Thanks for the comment.

I don't own an iPod ;-)

... think we 'may' just disagree on this one!


Anonymous said...

Others have agreed with you. I must bow to their superior knowledge.

Anonymous said...


Sook (_!_)