Thursday, March 05, 2009

Conference mania

Off to St. Andrews later this morning for the second-day of the Annual COSLA Conference, to be followed by a Convention Meeting on Friday morning ...

... then over to Dundee on Friday afternoon for the Scottish Labour Conference, hoping to get there in time to hear Gordon Brown speak!

Never a dull moment ;-)


John Wallace said...

hear Gordon Brown speak and never a dull moment. Good one.

Make sure you get your green custard on the way in and of course stay an arm's length at least from John Prescott and make sure you get to the buffet before him.

Oh and make sure you get a good seat - don't sit behind him either.

Anonymous said...

Please don't drink and post.

Andrew said...

No drinking this side of the keyboard for sure ;-)

John Prescott was amusing; Gordon Brown good, Iain Gray stole the show.

And no custard to be seen anywhere?