Sunday, March 01, 2009

Allotment spring-update

Brief visit to the allotment this morning in a vain attempt to try and clear our heads after last night's celebrations :-(

... did though manage a little bit of tidying up - and here's what's growing and/or been planted (veg-wise) to date:

- those leeks are still going strong
- garlic is coming through now
- broad beans planted for the first time (just in)
- potatoes now being 'chitted' in preparation for planting (probably 2-beds this year)

On the 'non-veg' front ... a whole host of old and new herbaceous plants are now starting to sprout; and just about all the bulbs that we planted are coming through - I've a feeling that particular bed is going to be stunning ;-)

And the work done to the shed appears to have been 99% successful - still one small, and annoying, drip ... but I'm determined to track down the source and resolve the problem soon!

Much more planting coming up in the next few weeks ... but what an overall contrast to the situation on the 1st March last year :-))

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