Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunshine and showers ...

Now that the 1st anniversary of the allotment is imminent, I thought I'd try and get that one job completed which has been bothering me for months ...

... re-seal the shed roof, which has one or two significant leaks :-(

And, the weather this morning looked ideal for the 3-4 hours the sealant needs to dry. I thus duly got myself down to the allotment, applied the sealant successfully over the whole shed roof in glorious winter sunshine ... only for the heavens to open almost immediately that I'd finished the job :-(

Would you believe it - bloody Scottish weather!

No idea if the final product will now seal the leaky shed roof or not - will need to await some suitable dry weather for a formal inspection ... could be some time away, given the cloud-cover over the allotments as soon as I'd put down the brush :-((

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