Friday, February 13, 2009

Beware - 'policy being ditched'

Being stuck in the Council Chamber yesterday - for that riveting local budget debate - I completely missed Thursday's FMQ's (sad to bother about these things, I know!) at Holyrood ...

... but, luckily, Magnus Linklater has a rather entertaining sketch of it in today's Times Newspaper - very, very funny :-)

And like all good sketches, funny because it sails very close to the truth of events.


Anonymous said...

...and to quote a certain 'pal' of yours in today's Evening News:

"It is just another example of the litany of mistakes . . ." That's pretty rich coming from Andrew Burns, the Hapless, Inept and Hopelessly Bumbling former Transportation Convenor, the one to whose Delusions of Adequacy the TramCar Folly will be a monument!

Andrew said...


PLEASE - I don't operate comment moderation but I do expect a bit of common courtesy ... and thankfully 99.9% of people don't abuse that policy. You just have.

I'll leave the comment up, but PLEASE don't post here if you can't at least show common courtesy.

Thank you.