Thursday, January 08, 2009

SFT a total failure

Forth Road Bridge again I'm afraid ... watched FMQ's this afternoon where the Bridge featured in questions and, acknowledging my own political bias, I think the whole FMQ process is becoming incredibly predictable in that the First Minister simply never answers a question :-(

... bluster, shouting, bit more bluster, then some raucous back-bench applause - becoming more and more like Westminster every week; which is rather tragic when you consider the present Scottish Government's view on the workings of Westminster :-((

Anyhow, back to the Bridge - absolutely no answers as to why the fabled Scottish Futures Trust (SFT) was supposedly 'good' for such a project, as confirmed by various Cabinet Secretaries (on numerous occasions) back in 2008, but now 'its not an appropriate vehicle for such a large project'?

The whole SFT saga now reeks to high heaven and its obvious to anyone that its becoming a complete farce ...

... it won't play any part whatsoever in funding a new Forth Crossing and much, much worse there is still as yet NOT ONE SINGLE NEW SCHOOL CONTRACT been initiated by the SNP Government since May 2007. It is a total failure.

All the FM bluster in the world can't hide that simple truth.

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