Saturday, November 01, 2008

Shopping mania :-(

Junior is away on his 'P7 school-trip week' from Monday through to Friday next week ... first time in nearly 11-years we'll have been without him, apart from the occasional night :-(

... I only mention this, as we've a cunning plan to completely re-organise and re-decorate his room whilst he's away - so, this evening we all went off to IKEA (not a place I frequent much!) to buy some new furniture. At 6pm on a Saturday night, the place was hopping - and there was me thinking it would be fairly quiet :-((

But, we escaped in one piece, and all is ready for next week's marathon DIY event ... next few days thus shaping up to be as 'relaxed as can-be', especially given my love of all-things DIY which will now be combined with the last few-days running-up to the Forth by-election!

I can hardly wait.

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