Monday, September 10, 2007

Weekend from hell

Apologies are due for the complete lack of posting over the weekend ...

... I was somewhat pre-occupied with the seemingly never-ending, household D.I.Y. project list :-(

And, I have to tell you, I never want to see a tin of varnish again - what a nightmare :-((

Here's a quick synopsis of the weekend from hell:
  • remove all furniture (everything on the floor in fact) from the kitchen and not insubstantial hallway

  • sweep said floors (several times) to remove a huge amount of dust and a truly indescribable amount of cat hair

  • sand both floors (by hand) to remove the top layer of existing varnish to ensure any new varnish 'takes' properly

  • wash both floors with white spirit - I assume (just followed instructions) to ensure complete cleanliness and in preparation for the new varnish

  • varnish both floors with 1st coat

  • allow 2 hours to dry

  • varnish both floors with 2nd coat

  • allow 2 hours to dry

  • varnish both floors with 3rd coat

  • allow 2 hours to dry

  • leave flat empty for at least 8 hours before 'heavy traffic' allowed on new surfaces

Now, the finished product does look pretty good (if I don't mind saying so myself) but what a performance getting there.

That is definitely it - no more D.I.Y. this side of 2008 ... my lawyers are on standby :-)


Anonymous said...

Of course there is always:

Floor Doctors

You never know, Labour could get back into power again and any pay rise you get would make a call to the floor doctors worth it's weight in gold (or maybe sawdust).

If you do get back in, lobby for head of Police Board or Fire Board. I am told that it is a fair old whack of money for a few meetings.

Andrew said...


I'll tell you - I "should" have used those 'Floor Doctors' :-(


P.S. Shocking as it may be, I'm not in it for the money ...