Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tip of the iceberg ...

I see that the Scotsman have picked up on a part of the City Council's Single Outcome Agreement (SOA) with the Scottish Government today - the final document is at Thursday's Full Council meeting for decision.

I'm not convinced about the use of the word 'illegal' in the press report (they've got to sell their paper!) but there is no doubt that this SOA commitment (on class size) is currently unattainable given the funding so far allocated to the City of Edinburgh Council.

... and frankly, this is the tip of the SOA-iceberg. I've posted before about the main, national Education-commitments - they are all in Edinburgh's SOA; they will all fail to be delivered; and that's by an SNP/Lib-Dem Coalition Council.

So why sign the document?

... on Thursday, the opposition Labour Group on the Council will not be agreeing to sign-up to such an "unfunded, wish-list" - because, as things currently stand, that's exactly what Edinburgh's SOA is.

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