Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Labour Group Leader

That's it - freedom over ... from just after 6pm this evening I'm officially the Leader of the Labour Group on the City of Edinburgh Council ;-)

I'm really delighted to have received the full backing of the whole Group ... and just 5 brief points I'd like to post up:
  • many thanks to Ewan for his efforts over the last 2-years as Group Leader
  • personally, I intend to lead a Labour Group that continues to promote Edinburgh's wider interests at every possible opportunity
  • a Group that speaks up (loudly!) in defence of essential front-line public services here in the city ... many of which feel like they are currently under assault
  • a Group that professionally scrutinises every action of the current Council Administration ... I will go out of my way to praise them when they make good decisions, but have every intention of making their life very, very difficult when they do not
  • and - I'm going to make sure I enjoy the next 4-years ;-)

And, fear not, the blog will continue - the frequency of posts may though be affected :-(


Anonymous said...

Andrew -

Congratulations !!!


Andrew said...


Many thanks - much appreciated ...


Anonymous said...

I'm sure the group would have voted you in if there were a contest and I'm sure that's why the majority of the people tipped for greatness never quite achieved their aim. They saw the writing on the wall.

"a Group that professionally scrutinises every action"

Love to hear "scrutinises" but am kind of boggled with the preceding adverb. I'm totally for amateur scrutiny as well because as as yet they haven't told me of the course to make one professional. Is there something in the Councillor training manual I haven't heard about?

Now, is there going to be a hot tub in the allotment with all that extra cash?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Andrew, and join up 4 and 5 and enjoy making life difficult for this present inept administration. You could not make it up, they have to be seen to be believed.


Tom Brechney said...

Congratulations Andrew! Great news...looking forward to you showing up the ineptitude of the current coallition!

No pressure!!!