Saturday, March 01, 2008

Fingers still in place :-)

Survived the first-day of 'rotavating' (if such a word exists?) ... and, as you can see, the whole site is beginning to take shape - just :-)

Weather was fantastic all morning/early afternoon and the three of us had a great time planning out the beds and tidying up the allotment ...

... middle-age is clearly upon me :-((

More digging tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

I thought at first you were getting down to some hard work at last. Then you mentioned getting a machine to do the real work. Come on Andrew get stuck into the real job of digging. Just like all us old timers did during the war. Keeps you slim and healthy. Just like me! - The Connected One

Andrew said...

Connected One!

As you'll know from my frequent 'DIY enforced-tasks', I unfortunately find it difficult to avoid hard work :-(

Rotavator now done its job and have just spent all afternoon digging ... and, right at this moment, it hasn't made me feel healthy :-((