Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A plague on all our houses

I've mentioned before that I do not envy the position that the Leader of the Opposition at Holyrood currently finds herself in ... but have generally steered clear of ranting about the rights and wrongs of anything that may have happened - those judgements will come, for sure, once the Electoral Commission reports in due course.

... and, up until this week, I actually thought our First Minister was also doing the right thing by not commenting on the whole saga - okay, he was leaving the dirty work to his Deputy but all is fair in love, war and politics :-(

But after last Thursday's debate in Parliament - when, I think, it's commonly accepted that the Nats did actually lose the debate, not just the vote - the First Minister couldn't help himself and waded in with a call for resignations. Personally, I think that was a serious mistake - frankly, he should just have left the dirty work to his Deputy and kept the office of First Minister above such machinations.

... and guess what, his intervention has now stoked a furious debate about his own probity regarding use of ministerial cars and meetings with certain businessmen. Not surprisingly, the Scottish Sun really waded in yesterday.

Who's the winner then in this increasingly bitter row about personal probity - well, not politics that's for sure :-((

A plague on all our houses - not good, not good at all.

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