Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Lowest, local unemployment since 1970's

Now, given that Edinburgh is on the verge of 'financial and social meltdown' after years of neglect - according to my Liberal colleagues in the City Chambers that is! - I just don't know how the latest unemployment statistics for Edinburgh can be true?

Back in June 2007 Edinburgh's unemployment rate hit an all time low of 1.9%, the lowest level recorded since 1975 ... was this really all down to 1-month of Liberal/Nationalist rule in the city??

... and from figures published last week (for October), local unemployment fell again to just 1.7% - the lowest level yet recorded since current local authority boundaries were drawn up in the 1970s! Obvioulsy, having now been in charge for 6-months, things are really starting to pick up for the Libs/Nats???

- and they wonder why we treat their claims of 'meltdown' with such incredulity.

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