Friday, November 09, 2007

Edinburgh forward not back?

I see that those currently in charge of the City Council are continuing to look to the future with an ever-positive attitude that must continue to be hugely uplifting to all those looking to live and do business in Edinburgh - NOT :-(

I've gone over this territory so frequently - but for a quick summation, do have a look at this earlier entry and the links therein.

As I've said frequently before, a huge sum WAS taken out of reserves to settle the equal pay bill (and it was right to do so!) leaving the balance some £2.5million in the negative. That was replenished to the tune of nearly £3million in 2006/07 (the last year of the previous Administration) despite the huge budgetary pressures that were assailing the Council - much the same pressures that are assailing the Council now; a 70% increase in child-referrals leading to a £7.3million pressure being the most significant.

What else can I say - Labour controlled the Council for some 23-years; of course not everything was perfect, but I don't recall any of those years having a puerile, backward-looking, budgetary panic negatively affecting services for the vulnerable and the young.

It's taken the Libs and Nats less than 23-weeks to do just that.

Why can't they just get on and govern constructively, whilst trying to positively promote Edinburgh ... 'any' Administration that did that would have my moral support.

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