Friday, October 12, 2007

Xmas comes early

My favourite local newspaper has today been claiming the "quickest victory the Evening News has ever won" ...

... well, around the City Chambers a significant number (remember there's only 17 of them ... okay, okay I know that's 2 more than us!) of my Liberal colleagues have been bemoaning that the whole story has been whipped up out of nothing :-(

Ever one to be eager to help solve a mystery, I thought I'd check up on who knew what and when, just to see if the politicians were right in their assertion of press-skulduggery ... so, have a look at this report that went before Full Council on 28th June 2007 ...

... go to page 9 of 11 (of the Appendix) and you'll see some £100K being taken out of the 'Economic Development' budget with the express warning that "this reduction may also affect the Winter Festivals" ... Xmas lights are an integral part of said-Winter Festivals :-((

Oh dear, oh dear ... didn't they READ this report before pushing through all those cuts?? No press skulduggery here I'm afraid (for once!).

I suggest my Liberal (and Nationalist) colleagues have a careful re-read of that Appendix, as it contains another £5.5million worth of cuts that they approved!

Xmas lights was one of the least-offensive ... and don't forget, constructive alternatives were offered and rejected.

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