Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Neighbourhood Partnership training

Spent most of today out at Murrayfield on a Neighbourhood Partnership (NP) induction training day. I've mentioned the ongoing development of NP's recently - here.

I enjoyed the event. Some repetition of old-ground, but that's just because I was interested in their development pre-election, and for most present - mainly Community Councillors (very few elected Councillors worryingly!) - I'm sure it will have provided plenty of food for thought as we move towards the formal launch of NP's in the early Autumn.

Still convinced they could mark a quiet revolution in the way that the Council does business.


Anonymous said...

Interestingly, you may not know, these newfangled Neighbourhood Partnerships do not have to comply with FOIAS. Do you think this was an intentional omission?

Let's hope they don't become secret societies spending our money.

Andrew said...


Genuinely surprised at that - not sure it's true? You could always e-mail me more details:


And most, if not all, of them will meet in public ... seems that in the spirit of decentralisation, it's up to each individual NP to decide. I'll certainly be pressing for the one I'm on to meet in public.


Anonymous said...

Received a letter from the Information Commissioner's office giving me the information.