Friday, June 01, 2007

Another local development ...

Another potential Ward development that's at the 'submission-stage' at the moment is a proposal to site an Aldi store right in the field which is at the front of the Corn Exchange on Chesser Avenue ... drawings here.

Not been a huge reaction to this application locally yet ... unlike the Harrison Gardens one! ... but I still remain to be entirely convinced that 'yet another' supermarket is needed in the local area.

And how long the adjoining field in front of the next-door ASDA will remain just that, a field, if this gets the go ahead I think is debate-able?

Any other local views out there??


Anonymous said...

Andrew - Plenty Super markets in the area if you are a car owner.
What about all the people who walk to and from the shops,
Aldi would be a great help in the area and would give some choice to the locals.
The Connected One

Andrew said...

Connected One!

Fair point; my serious worry is that it will also give yet another 'choice' to thousands of car drivers to come to Hutchison ...


Anonymous said...

Not quite sure from the drawings as to whether the proposed store will sit in front of the Corn Exchange which is an attractive building to look at, unlike the proposed store. If that's the case, then why not build it in the Asda car park instead?

I'm surprised Asda aren't objecting since it will affect their business. Maybe the Council should put some sort of preservation order on the fields to try to keep the area as green as possible.

Having said all that, Aldi sells some really nice biscuits....

Andrew said...


I'd rather both pieces of ground were used for something more imaginative ... but none of the land belongs the the Local Authority.

As someone who is partial to a good bisuit:

... I couldn't agree more ... it's a real quandry ;-((