Thursday, May 31, 2007

Harrison Gardens - surely not?

Now, I have a terrible confession to make - I quite like the design of the building in this photo-montage ... but for those who know the setting, Harrison Gardens, it's hard to argue it fits in with its surrounding architecture and streetscape!

I've thus, with some careful thought, lodged an objection to the proposed development today. I do like it (as of itself), but think on two counts it's just not acceptable (here's the text of my objection):

FORM - I believe the proposed development does not in any way, in its architectural design, reflect the existing street scene or existing surrounding architecture and contrasts dramatically with the existing character of the area. The proposed development is certainly not in keeping with the established structure and form of the surrounding and adjacent tenement architecture.

DENSITY - The proposal is for 24 flats; this a greater density of dwellings when compared to the existing surrounding accommodation. I believe the proposed development will seriously overshadow and dominate the existing tenement structures. I believe there will be a detrimental effect with regard to reduced lighting and residents privacy for the existing properties on Harrison Place in particular.

I do hope that if this 'version' is rejected, as I suspect it may well be, that the architect will come back with another (more suitable) application as I'm not opposed to a potential development of this site per se.


Allan said...

is this serious or an out of date april 1st joke?

Andrew said...


I'm afraid it's serious - thus my lodged objection, as indicated in the post.