Monday, May 07, 2007

Political realities

I think the political realities of trying to govern - a country or a city - are slowing dawning on numerous, new MSPs and Councillors today.

A long weekend of dialogue has failed to deliver a coalition deal for Holyrood - and also for many Scottish Council Chambers - and the luxury of opposition must seem like a distant memory to many politicians today.

Personally, I think it's a very, very positive development. You can sense an element of political maturity creeping into many minds where before it was broadly absent.

This type of transformation does take years, but the seeds are clearly there today, and one thing is certain - none of it would be taking place under First-past-the-post.


Anonymous said...

What we have is a cobbled together fudge ? No-one in control !

No-one at the helm on day one and that rarely happened on first-past-the-post. People really new what they were voting for not some cobbled together parliament or council.

Why vote for someone and the wait for you lot to decide if that some can they run the country in a fudged up mess.

Makes the whole point of voting a complete waste of peoples time. Why not just have an 'Ernie' style random MSP/Councillor picker? It would generate the same result.

If the new systems create this ammount of utter chaos the rerun the election on first-past-the-post. A system which does not need a degree in neural networks to understand.

Andrew said...


We'll have to disagree on this one!

We're all in coalitions, no matter within which party, and I haven't noticed the sky falling in on Scotland yet - my bins even got collected today ;-))

Life will continue ...


Anonymous said...

If Labour is still a listening party then they would have heard the voice of Scotland when they voted SNP. A good percentage of the voters wish to at least explore the possiblity of an Independant Scotland.

Scottish Labour should adapt to that need and not rule it out completely.

Andrew said...

Anonymous ... a fair enough point