Monday, May 07, 2007

Office move

Back in the City Chambers today - despite it being a bank holiday! - and quickly moved office to help make room for the new SNP Group on the City Council ... I could hardly complain given my personal stance on all-things electoral ;-((

Anyhow, gave me a great opportunity to chuck out (recycled of course) a shed-load of stuff that's been sitting on shelves for years without ever having been read or referred to. So much needless paperwork ... a reminder of how shocked I was at this facet of Local Government when I first got elected in 1999 - prior to that spent many years in the private sector and had never seen anything quite like it in terms of sheer volume of paper.


Anonymous said...

They never did find you're secret SNP file!

Andrew said...


I've actually mislaid it for the moment, but might just find it at an opportune moment - of which I suspect there will be many in the City Chambers over the next four years ;-))


Anonymous said...

Not nearly as bad as one of your colleagues, my Councillor, who when I visited his office had to climb over piles of paper on every available surface! I'm sure you know who I mean. Thankfully he wasn't re-elected.

Andrew said...

Stefano - I know exactly who you mean!