Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Poor Car ;-((

My poor old Citroen Saxo ... whose suspension is under very serious pressure today as we transport lots ... (and I do mean "AN AWFUL LOT") ... of itinerant election leaflets from the main Party Office to the Post Office!

All part of the grand plan to ensure our very local, electoral message is delivered on time ;-))

At least I've now got a key to open the damn boot ...


Anonymous said...


My head is in a spin just seeing what you have been up to since your last report.

I must take this chance to say THANK YOU for all the work you have done to help The Hutchison Chesser Community Council all through you term of office.

Hope you continue to do so after the coming election.

Good Luck!

The Conected One

Andrew said...


Many thanks - glad you're enjoying the blog ... entries may be slightly dominated by election-stuff for a few weeks I'm afraid ;-((

I hope to be able to continue helping after the election as well ;-))

... and thanks for your good wishes.