Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Technology and Tynecastle ...

One added benefit of modern technology, apart from the existence of this blog of course, which I really welcome is the ability to occasionally (not often it has to be said) work from home and access and work on e-mails remotely ... if only there were fewer scintillating meetings to constantly attend, I'd certainly make use of the facility a lot more ;-((

Preparatory meeting (yes, another meeting, so no more remote accessing of e-mails!) later this afternoon for the public event on Tynecastle Nursery School (mentioned earlier here), which is at 7pm tonight in Tynecastle High School.


Anonymous said...

Come on Andrew

I think you have fallen asleep at home get this blog update ! ! !

The Connected one.

Andrew said...


I wish I were asleep - I really do ;-((

Instead, it's been nothing but a blizzard of leaflets, letters, hustings, stalls ... I do just love elections ;-))

But; belive it or not I have saved a 'draft' (very nearly typed 'daft' there) entry for most days and all will be updated very soon - promise!