Monday, February 19, 2007

Adult Learning Project discussion

Was asked to contribute to an Adult Learning Project (ALP) discussion on the forthcoming implementation of STV-PR this evening.

Thoroughly enjoyed the event, but was a classic reminder of how confusing the 'mechanics' of how STV-PR is counted can be ... contrasted with the absolute simplicity of its use.

But, as someone present this evening rightly remind us all, most people who drive a car wouldn't know where to start if they had to fix it but they're perfectly capable of making it 'go where they want it to' ... I've a feeling the same will be true of the Scottish electorate on May 3rd!


Ed said...

Well, a reasonable analogy to a point, except it would be a car that was manual on straights, but automatic on bends and on uphills you'd move to left hand drive, cos that what we've got with the current plethora of voting systems for the various bodies.
Stv, FPTP, AMS and not even the same boundaries. Easy if you're a bright person, but a good demonstration of a disconnect, aye indeed, between yer politicos and the rest.

Andrew said...


I'm not convinced about this - I reckon most ordinary voters couldn't care less about co-terminus boundaries.

It's usually only political anoraks like you and I who get bothered about such minutiae ...

And last time I checked the punters were coping fine with a plethora of lottery ticket types ... I'm sure they're "bright" enough to vote how they want ;-))