Friday, November 10, 2006

Director's Meeting

Director's weekly meeting this morning ... main topics under discussion continue to be the budget for 2007/08 and the financial closure (or not, to date) of the second-round of the school building programme.

Budget looking particularly tight, with no easy answers I'm afraid. I would say this wouldn't I ... but it really does appear to me that the 'services' for children and families are just in greater and greater demand - despite falling 'school' numbers - and this is leading to some systemic pressures for the future that are just not going to be easily addressed.

Frying pan and fire definitely come to mind ;-((


Anonymous said...

What about Wednesday evening when you met all the IMPORTANT people at Central Halls - L D C -
No mention, or did I miss something as I am only learning this game?

The Connected One.

Andrew said...


Apologies - was so busy on Wednesday that I failed to make a specfic blog entry ... but I've now put some comments in on Thursday 7th which refer to the Wednesday evening meeting.

Does just prove that I'm really only touching on 'some' of what I do here on this blog ... pretty impossible to cover everything.


Andrew said...

should read Thursday 9th above obviously!