Saturday, July 23, 2016

Holiday over - back in Edinburgh :-)

Well - that's our 'Summer 2016' holiday over ... and we're safely back in the Capital this morning ;-)

Family has had a marvellous couple of weeks down in Newcastle; and then on Lindisfarne (Holy Island).

The weather was really remarkable; and here are a couple of quick snaps - one on the left from Ouseburn in Newcastle; and the one below from the North-shore of Holy Island ...

... why would anyone want to jet-off abroad when all of this is virtually on our doorstep ;-)

More seriously: rather unsurprisingly, I'm a bit awash with messages (via e-mail and on all forms of social media); so do please bear with me for a couple of days whilst I catch up ... I will aim to have replied to everything by Monday evening.

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