Tuesday, March 29, 2016

One City Trust - can you help?

My colleague, Donald Wilson, is running the London Marathon again this year - he has a short blog post up today, which I'll simply replicate in full below ...

... can you help him raise funds for the One City Trust?


On my marks in March

Hopefully most people will know by now that I am running the London Marathon in a few weeks time for the One City Trust.

The training has been hard - especially Easter weekend when I did a 40k run just to see if I could! Oww!

Two years ago, Andy McNaughton volunteered his services to help me train. Andy is a fitness instructor with Edinburgh Leisure and this year he is doing the Marathon with me.

Over the last month I've upped my training in anticipation and colleagues at Waverley Court have been really supportive. I'm thankful for their advice and humour. My journey from incredible unfitness two years ago to the position I am in now is, I hope, an inspiration to others that anybody can do it if they put their mind to it. I have lost a lot of weight, feel better and, yes, feel younger!

I am as passionate about the One City Trust as I am for running. The One City Trust is solely about Edinburgh. It tries to make sure the wealth and opportunities of this great city are experienced by all its citizens.

So, I might be running the marathon in London but I am running it for Edinburgh. You don’t have to run it with me but you can help. If all the citizens of Edinburgh who could afford it contributed even a pound, what a difference we could make to the city. Please help if you can.

Go to http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/LordProvost
...or if work at the Council, see Andy in the gym at Waverley Court.

...or ask at reception at the City Chambers or Waverley Court how to support the One City Trust, or send a cheque to the Lord Provost made out to the One City Trust.

...or contact my friend and colleague Sandra on 0131 529 4000.




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