Thursday, October 08, 2015

blue of the sea and the aureate sky

Well, it’s here – Thursday 8th October 2015!

Over the last week, I’ve blipped the series of eight cards that the Scottish Poetry Library produced for National Poetry Day ...

… and, as promised a week ago, here is my very favourite poem about this year’s theme: light.

It’s a Sorley MacLean verse, taken from this truly wonderful 2011 'Collected Poems' – if you haven’t got the pictured volume, you need to find a copy soon … every single page is a total poetic delight :-)

‘Poems to Eimhir’ LIV

Camhanaich / Dawn

You were dawn on the Cuillin
and benign day on the Clarach,
the sun on his elbow in the golden stream
and the white rose that breaks the horizon.

Glitter of sails on a sunlit firth,
blue of the sea and the aureate sky,
the young morning in your head of hair
and in your clear lovely cheeks.

My jewel of dawn and night
your face and your dear kindness,
though the grey stake of misfortune is
thrust through the breast of my young morning.


Sorley MacLean (1911 – 1996)


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