Monday, July 07, 2014

The 'grandest' of Grand Departs

I've got it bad this morning ... Tour de France fever, that is ;-)

Just spent two days in, and around, Harrogate - watching the Tour de France live (for the first time - for me - since Paris in 1986!) and I just cannot speak highly enough of how good the event was ...

... here's the BBC coverage of the Race Director's views: sums it all up for me.

Well done Yorkshire - they even carved their trees especially for the occasion ;-)

A truly terrific spectacle, all round.


Sara Dorman said...

Think Edinburgh could have done as good?

Andrew said...

Sara - I'm obviously biased ... but yes, I think it could be equally as stunning here; and just as well organised.

That said, Yorkshire do deserve huge credit for the last few days: the sights and sounds of which will be with me for a long time to come :-)