Tuesday, July 15, 2014

East Coast Main Line Authorities Consortium

Was pleased to take part, earlier today, in the Scottish-launch of the "East Coast Main Line (ECML) Authorities Consortium" recent research, on the potential for economic growth along the ECML-route.

I'll repeat the main points from the relevant News Release below ... but important to note that I've certainly not witnessed such a 'whole line approach' to the potential for rail development on this side of the UK before.

Very refreshing to witness, and I'm confident it will help press the case successfully with both UK, and Scottish, Governments.


Invest in East Coast Main Line to see huge economic growth says Consortium

Published Tuesday, 15th July 2014

For the first time, the huge growth potential of economies linked by the East Coast Main Line (ECML) will be presented to Government Ministers, business leaders and Members of the UK and Scottish Parliaments at events in Edinburgh on 15 July and London on 17July.

The research, commissioned by the Consortium of East Coast Main Line Authorities (ECMA), was undertaken over the past eight months and is part of the ECMAs bid for investment for upgrades to the ECML.  It shows that the economies linked by the ECML are worth well over £300bn each year to the UK with significant potential for growth worth £5bn if rail connections were improved along the whole route.

Furthermore, the predicted economic benefits increase to £9bn if the ECML is improved in addition to the eastern arm of High Speed 2 being built, allowing high speed trains to connect Leeds, York, the North East and Scotland to Birmingham and London.

The Consortium will be setting out the action all partners need to take to deliver this economic growth across the ECML at the Events.  It will ask the rail industry to suggest and deliver the schemes that best achieve the potential for economic growth identified in the research.
City of York Council is a member of ECMA and is committed to securing economic growth by improving passenger and freight services across the ECML.



Balerno Music Festival said...

Great news - a positive coordinated approach is so much better than individuals whinging at Westminster

Andrew said...

Thanks for the feedback.

If you want the report; just e-mail me: andrew.burns@edinburgh.gov.uk