Thursday, June 12, 2014

Tynecastle High School Fair + BAKE OFF !!

--- is this SATURDAY 14th JUNE 2014, 12-3 PM
There will be lots going on to appeal to the whole family including:
  • cafe area with hotdogs
  • smoothies
  • scones
  • bands/busking 
  • fencing taster sessions
  • sponge the teacher/pupil 
  • hook the duck
  • coconut shy 
  • plants 
  • bicycle servicing for £5
  • green team
  • bric a brac 
  • beat the goalie 
  • face painting 
  • nail bar
  •  and raffle etc.

    And - a BAKE OFF !!

Enter your cakes

12-12:15 Saturday 14th June

at Tynecastle High School

Our home baking stall would welcome any contributions and we also have a BAKE OFF competition with 2 categories and prizes for which you can enter:

  • a single cake of any size to be judged on DESIGN;
  • cake/tray bake/cup cakes to be judged on TASTE (needs to be sufficient quantity to provide lots of small tastes for multiple judges)
Bring your Bake Off entries along on the day between 12 and 12:15pm; please see our entry form on the parent council page of the Tynecastle school website:


2014 Tynecastle Bake Off Competition

General Rules
1.     Entry is open to everyone: adults, students and primary pupils.
2.     Drop off your cake(s) at the Bake Off Stall at Tynecastle High School on Saturday 14th June between 12:00 and 12:15 pm.
3.     You may enter as many cakes as you like but please fill out a separate form for each entry specifying whether you are entering the design or taste competition.
4.     Cakes should be home-made, please use fresh ingredients and remember they will all be eaten so make them in hygienic conditions! Decorations should also be edible but can be shop bought.
5.     Cakes will be judged and winners announced on the day.  In the event of a tie, the headmaster (or deputy) has the casting vote.
6.     Please label any containers (e.g. cake tin) you wish to collect later.  Containers without labels may be used for transporting cakes bought at the fair.
7.     Any questions on the rules of the competition, please contact Sue (, 07824449265).

There are a few additional rules specific to the Design and Taste categories:

Design Competition
1.     Enter a single cake of any size, in any shape or size (i.e. from cupcake to gateau).
2.     Cakes will be judged on design and will not be cut for tasting but will be handed over to the home baking stall or auctioned after the competition.

Taste Competition
1.     Enter a batch of identical cupcakes or slices of tray bake, or a large cake (eg. Fruit loaf or Victoria sandwich).
2.     There needs to be sufficient quantity for approximately 32 judges to try a small taste of the entry (e.g. we suggest a cake based on 8 oz/250 g of margarine, sugar and flour and 4 eggs).
3.     Surplus cake will be sold at the home baking stall!

Happy baking!


Sadly, I'll miss all this as I'll be stuck at a Councillor-conference in Stirling ...
... oh joy :-(

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